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Omegle conversation vol.1

Omegle conversation log
Connecting to server...
You're now chatting with a random stranger. Say hi!

Stranger: hi how are you

You: hi im fine
You: you
You: ?

Stranger: me too
Stranger: m f?

You: fem

Stranger: male
Stranger: from turkey
Stranger: you?

You: no
You: from spain

Stranger: age?

You: 29

Stranger: 21
Stranger: do you wanna talk:D

You: from turkey?

Stranger: yes

You: i ve been there before
You: istanbul

Stranger: why you here?

You: i was traveling

Stranger: have you married:)

You: :)
You: not yet

Stranger: perhaps you wanna talk on msn:)

You: i dont think so
You: :)

Stranger: why perhaps we will marry haa:D

You: :D

Stranger: lets give it:)

You: you r a little younger than me
You: :)

Stranger: i am football player :D
Stranger: maybe i ll come spain

You: really?

Stranger: not now maybe future:D

You: are you playing premier leauge or something i dont what you call it in turkey

Stranger: yes super leugea but i am team B

You: i know about fenerbace some

Stranger: big team:D

You: which team are you playing for
You: ?

Stranger: sakarya you cant know it

You: i never heard :)

Stranger: but nıhat played here:)
Stranger: you must know nıhat
Stranger: he is the man

You: nihat?

Stranger: yes
Stranger: el turko

You: yeah i remember
You: :)

Stranger: what is your job?

You: graphic designer

Stranger: it is cool
Stranger: i am student in university also:D
Stranger: civil engineering
Stranger: but it is so hard
Stranger: sooooo hard

You: oh thats cool too

Stranger: what you design in this days?

You: several things
You: corporate id
You: magazine ads

Stranger: :D
Stranger: describe yourself
Stranger: are you beauty:D

You: yes im beauty :)

Stranger: haha

You: 1.75 cm tall

Stranger: not bad
Stranger: i am 1.84

You: ohh
You: :)

Stranger: fit body you know:D

You: oh yeah
You: :)
You: im still fit as well
You: :)
You: im playing tennis

Stranger: oo ıt ıs cool

You: that makes me fit

Stranger: yes it buıld legs:D

You: yeah thats why i have no sellulite problem :D

Stranger: hahaha
Stranger: lets talk on msn not cam i wanna see your pic please:)

You: sorry i got to go
You: halı saha maçım var hacı
You: :D

Your conversational partner has disconnected.

you olup bu konuşmayı gerçekleştiren brada'ma çok teşekkür ediyorum , sayesinde geleceğin inşaat mühendisi , şimdilerin 2. lig topçusu arkadaşımızın ingilizce tabirleriyle beni benden almıştır , fit body you know :)

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